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Wonky period or pregnant?

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ginghambingham Thu 05-Feb-15 07:52:34

I think the likelihood is wonky periods - but this is what's happening:

I had a mmc in December, then had a heavy period 27 days later (which is all normal for me). Then this time around, at around 21 days of my cycle, started spotting, then very slightly heavier bleeding - but really, really light compared to normal (not enough to need tampons or sanitary towels). Today is day 28 of this cycle, and still the same - just a tiny bit of blood and teeny clots. Sometimes the blood is bright red, sometimes watery and brown. Pregnancy test is negative, and I don't have any other pregnancy symptoms.

I know things can go wonky after a mc, but my first period afterwards was pretty much "normal". I could go to the doctor, but they'll just see my age and write me off as perimenopausal.

Any thoughts?

TinkerBlue Thu 05-Feb-15 18:26:20

Sorry for your loss. Sounds like the fabled wtf cycle to me sad give yourself another cycle or two and see if you get back into a better pattern. All is not lost, sometimes it just takes a bit of time to regulate hormones after mc. flowers

ginghambingham Fri 06-Feb-15 08:52:28

I haven't heard of a WTF cycle smile - but this is definitely one. I guess it's just wait another month and see what happens. Thanks for the support smile

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