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Any TTC Experts chances of being pregnant?

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rblocker Thu 05-Feb-15 00:39:31

I was on Nuvaring with a regular 28 day cycle. 28 day normal cycle usually 4 day period.

On January 10 I took the ring out had a withdrawal bleed begin Jan 13 and didn't insert a new ring on jan 17. On Jan 20 late evening we dtd.
I was extremely horny, I think due to testosterone spike 1/24. I got a negative OPK tho. I didn't expect to ovulate this month because coming off BC. stopped testing.

Jan 31 started cramping, I was running to the bathroom thinking af was coming but it was just watery white cm.
Feb 1, I had spotting 8am. stopped by 12. It was pink as shown in the picture (TMI) not red, but it dried peach/brown. Cervix is high and soft.

I have no idea when my period is due regular cycle wouldn't be until Feb 9th. Do you think I could have gotten pregnant so soon? Was the bleeding implantation? If so when can I expect a pregnancy test to be accurate? I am still cramping, sore boobs, and super fatigued (dozing at work shock )

SoonToBeSix Thu 05-Feb-15 00:42:53

I don't know anything about the Nuvaring. But it could well be implantation bleeding , mine lasted one day was like the start of a period same colour of blood as you describe. I got my bfp three days later.

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