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is it normal to doubt youre doing the right thing?

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sophiabella Wed 04-Feb-15 22:08:22

Ive always been happy go lucky n made rash decisions n lived carefree. My partner n i had a mc before Christmas n since then been ttc, we both really want a baby. We don't have a bad set up, we've been together years, have a flat together but some days i feel like this is such a huge thing n i feel panicked like we shouldn't try... But then other days i cant think about anything else apart from having a baby with my partner. Someone said once that there's never a right time to have a baby n i suppose that is true! Is it normal to feel like this?!

TinkerBlue Wed 04-Feb-15 22:26:03

Sorry for your loss. Maybe it would be an idea to have a little break from ttc for a while. Just to get your head straight. You haven't mentioned that you're in any particular hurry. Doing anything with doubts in your mind increases the risk of future unhappiness. Maybe a little break will help solidify what you really want? I see no reason to be ttc if it makes you feel panicked, it's perfectly ok to want a family but not right now. Good luck in whatever you decide and remember to be kind to yourself, mc must be an awful experience and its ok to allow yourself time to recover. There's no rush.

Karelia81 Thu 05-Feb-15 00:27:32

I certainly have moments of oooh what the hell are we doing.... I think that's normal (or normal for emotional roller coaster pessimists like me?). If you want to have children, then there is a plunge to be taken, no way around it.

All you can do is communicate with your partner, be open with them (they might be thinking the same!) ensure you both feel happy that you are in a place to provide baby with all it needs and do the best you can.

Sorry to hear about the mc. Can't be easy to start again from.

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