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Hey ladies! TTC, impatiently!! :(

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ChloeMana Wed 04-Feb-15 20:38:06

Hey everyone, I'm 24 and have been TTC since September last year.. At first I didnt really think about it but the longer it's taking the more devastated I am each month when it hasn't happened.. Any tips for relaxing? My doc has said to relax and not think about it but how can you not?! All my friends seemed to catch so quickly.. and this month I've felt the most upset as I felt like I could be.. Tips ladies?!

crazypuglady Wed 04-Feb-15 21:19:05

I could have written your post (except for being a bit older).

I've just started temping to track my ovulation. Just to reassure myself that my body is working as it should really. I've had a crappy cycle to start on really, got woman flu and had a lot of sleepless nights but having a chart that follows some sort of pattern and suggests that I am ovulating has made me feel more in control. If the rest of the cycle goes to plan then I feel like I can kick back and just wait for it to happen without worrying that there's something wrong with me.

jellypi3 Thu 05-Feb-15 09:31:32

It's easy to get caught up in it all, but for me this cycle i have started temping and using cheap OPK sticks. It has shown I have indeed ovulated, so it's just a waiting game after that. You only have a 1 in 5 chance of getting pregnant each cycle, so don't panic, and don't stress, as stress can be counter productive to you ovulating. Aim to DTD every other day, that way you aren't timing sex around when you think you are ovulating, and instead you are ensuring when you do ovulate the egg is surrounded by sperm.

Good luck

ChloeMana Thu 05-Feb-15 18:42:50

Thank you for the advice! I'm going to get some ovulation kits to put my mind at rest and try and just enjoy this year with hubby before it happens. Your so right once you know everything is working okay and you know when you ovulate you can sit back, good luck both!

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