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Fertility signs but OPK says no! WTF?

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frazzledtofun Wed 04-Feb-15 09:03:32

Currently on CD 16 of first AF after having DD (over 2 years ago - was delayed due to breastfeeding).

Anyhow, my cycles pre-DD were 30-33 so should be approaching ovulation. Yesterday and the day before I've had proper EWCM. Think my cervix is high as I could barely find it last night. Temps are still low and have remained low since AF so have not ovulated yet. I would have thought things were gearing up BUT CBFM says that I am not even having high fertility. confused

Last night was a terrible night with limited sleep thanks do DD screeching and I drank loads of water because I was up and had a sore throat so maybe it's diluted...?

Has anyone experienced something like this where their body is telling them they are getting closer to ovulation but OPK says no?

frazzledtofun Wed 04-Feb-15 09:03:51

Obvs have DTD last night just in case (even tho both DH and I were SHATTERED already)

frazzledtofun Wed 04-Feb-15 10:59:47


BanKimoon Wed 04-Feb-15 11:19:13

I've not had problems with the CBFM but used it before and I know from friends that it can take a couple of cycles to 'read' your hormones and work out what a peak is for you vs another person for example. I think by about month 3 it's more reliable as it's managed to establish a pattern and can use past data to tell you what's going on. Not so much help this month I appreciate!

I think you are definitely right to DTD while your body is showing you the signs but I'd also keep going on the CBFM as even if it's missed this month it should become more accurate each month (if you need it that long!). From what I've heard this is a fairly common problem.

Hope today not too awful, we're also ttc #2 and when you have a bad night you wonder why the hell you're bothering don't you??

frazzledtofun Wed 04-Feb-15 16:41:50

Thanks for the response. I should have said. The CBFM is the cheaper (ha) version that does smiley faces. I checked with a FR OPK this afternoon and there was almost no test line at all so definitely a negative.

Just really tired and confused by all this sh*t. Would just like a baby now please. Been TTC for over a year (without AF due to feeding so admittedly a trifle unlikely up to now) but I am really bored of it. Is it even possible?

frazzledtofun Thu 05-Feb-15 16:31:06

Still negative. But other signs seem to have disappeared... so just a couple of random days of EWCM. Really boring.

Anyone else experienced this??

Ymamiss Thu 05-Feb-15 17:49:31

I'm having the same sort of problem with OPKs. Thought we would try the Sperm Vs Egg plan in January, so started peeing on Ov sticks every day, I got a negative every day, and a faint positive just once! I'm not due AF til the 13th so I suppose it's wait and see!

Good luck x

Rufus200 Fri 06-Feb-15 16:10:30

1st cycle I used clear blue dual hormone, I had 12 days of smiley faces but never progressed to flashing smiley (ovulation), ran out of sticks. Also used cheap OPKs and never got a positive. Had ewcm and open cervix but still was neg.

2nd cycle just started using clear blue digital (LH only) 1st day circle, 2nd day smiley face but not due for at least 4 more days! On same urine tested with a cheapie OPKs which was neg. This afternoon retested still neg. Cervix is closed and no change in mucus.

I have PCOS and don't think OPKs work at all on me! It does say on the packet not for PCOS suffers.

frazzledtofun Fri 06-Feb-15 18:21:47

Well today I got a solid smiley which is peak fertility. So I bypassed high fertility and went straight to peak. Weird. Still at least it means I got fertility and things were obviously getting ready earlier in the week but for some reason didn't result in a positive... confused

I don't have PCOS or anything as far as I know.

At least we are not alone in finding OPKs confusing!!!

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