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Help - Is this a positive OPK?

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ShelleyI15 Tue 03-Feb-15 13:20:58

Struggling with OPKs!! First month using them. Been off pill since end of sept and think I'm now onto a 27 day cycle. Been using clear blue digital ovulation test and got PEAK DAYS on CD 12 and 13. Kept testing as thought it was early and peaked again on CD 16. I'd more CM and pains on CD 16/17 than I did earlier in my cycle. Tested again today just to be sure CD18 and this is the reading. It's not digital as the computer won't let you test for at least 48hrs. The lines look pretty dark?

Thanks x

MrsD14 Wed 04-Feb-15 22:54:45

Looks pretty dark to me - mine looked almost exactly like that the day before I ovulated, the one 24 hrs later was even darker for the test line so I figured the one that looked like yours was sort of "building up" IYSWIM confused my first month using them too - way more confusing than I expected!!

Glen84 Fri 26-Aug-16 01:20:32

I been using clear blue digital ovulation test today! And I see this result ! Please enlighten me what it means ! Thanks

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