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False positive with IC?

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HettyB Tue 03-Feb-15 07:18:53

I never thought I'd be posting this...

I've been having period pain for a few days, have zero pregnancy symptoms and we've only done it once this month. This morning I took a IC HPT, solely for the purpose of bringing on my period (my periods can vary by a few days but a sure fire way to bring it on is by POAS) and I got this.

I'm veering toward it being a false positive (after reading online about people having them with ICs) or a CP or something as I feel really periody, but I wondered what you ladies thought?

MooleyWooleyShamaLamaDingDong Tue 03-Feb-15 07:23:33

Hetty I would say CONGRATS that's a really strong positive!! You can get very crampy in the early days/weeks of pregnancy as your uterus expands to make room for the baba!! As long as there is no bleeding I'd say you are pregnant (although bleeding isn't always a negative either and can be common in the early days too)!! I had lots of cramping with my first pregnancy so it's a good sign!! ��

HettyB Tue 03-Feb-15 07:27:15

I'm sort of freaking out here as after a very brief spell of trying last year we decided to just not try but not...prevent so it's a bit of a shock if it is positive...

I think I'll lay off the wine and caffeine and test with a FRER if my period doesn't turn up by the weekend.

I don't feel pregnant. I just feel like my period is around the corner.

PoppySausage Tue 03-Feb-15 07:33:04

I would also say congratulations!

bessie84 Tue 03-Feb-15 07:51:48

definately pregnant, thats no false positive, thats so strong. congratulations x

Number3cometome Tue 03-Feb-15 10:14:37

Do the FRER today!

HettyB Tue 03-Feb-15 19:01:11

I'm still not allowing myself to believe it's true, but I'll do another test with my first wee tomorrow!

Thanks for all your congratulations - I hope it is a real positive now, I've been totally ineffective at work all day just daydreaming about babies!

SergeantJarhead Tue 03-Feb-15 19:13:43

Wow, that is one impressive pee stick. Many hearty congratulations Op xx

Rikalaily Tue 03-Feb-15 21:07:52

That's a definite positive, congratulations!

I had a CP in Nov right before I got pregnant with current baby, the line never got even close to that dark... It took a few days of testing to get a line that dark with current baby too. I think if you did a First response tomorrow you would get a very dark line.

Marmite27 Tue 03-Feb-15 22:19:20

I said the same to my DH - if I hadn't had a positive test I'd expect my period any time.


HettyB Wed 04-Feb-15 06:59:18

Thanks everyone. I took another IC this morning which was fainter than yesterday, and did a FRER - the positive line came up before the control!

I guess this means I'm pregnant...

sebsmummy1 Wed 04-Feb-15 07:08:13

Aaaah congratulations xxxx

Number3cometome Wed 04-Feb-15 08:46:45

Wow lovely strong line!!

Choccywoccydodah Wed 04-Feb-15 08:52:42

Congratulations, you are definitely pregnant! Oh what is do for a good strong line like that!!

BabyBumpHopeful Wed 04-Feb-15 21:30:20

VERY pregnant! Congratulations!! smile

I'd do a CB just to see those weeks because I'd bet you're probably 2-3 by the looks of that line!

HettyB Thu 05-Feb-15 07:42:17

Thanks so much for all your support, ladies! I did a CB digital this morning and saw 'pregnant' so I can stop convincing myself that those lines aren't real! I'm going to do one of the weeks ones at the weekend - I should be about 5 weeks then so I guess it'll say 2-3 or 3-4?

I told DP last night too - we weren't actively trying so I was expecting him to be a bit freaked out but he's been nothing but lovely. I should have more faith in him!

Choccywoccydodah Thu 05-Feb-15 09:25:10

The cb digis go from conception rather than your af so it'll say 2 weeks less than your actual date if that makes sense??
How exciting!! smile

HettyB Thu 05-Feb-15 09:35:12

Yep, that makes sense. I think Saturday I'll be 5+1 so I guess it'll say 2-3ish?

Rikalaily Sat 07-Feb-15 10:05:46

I got a 3+ the day I turned 5w but I didn't expect it, a 2-3 or a 3+ can be expected that stage

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