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Today my life is very definition of sods law

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LadyCurd Sun 01-Feb-15 08:00:44

Been trying for #3 for 5months, in that time we had an offer accepted on a bigger house (to accommodate hypothetical third) but in mean time #2 has some health issues we need to sort, and the house fell through (vendors suddenly decided they wanted 10k more) and I decided now defo isn't the right time for#3 and had been going dramatically off the idea especially since new and exciting work opportunities presented and I am more than happy with two. As I only have one tube and fairly sure I ovulated on tubeless side this month, I was sure I would get pregnant this month and we could stop trying for a while, while we defo decide.
Am 10DPO and took a test offhandedly not expecting anything and OF COURSE it's bloody positive! ARSEBISCUITS! I know it's early days and anything could happen but ARGH and eep and yikes! I think I'm possibly secretly pleased but I'm also grumpy as just come round to better idea of not doing this to myself and my family! Bah!

dizzydollie Sun 01-Feb-15 17:40:52

Just wanted to say I have been there! I had a horrible labour with my daughter and it put me off for a bit. Then decided to try, then got a decent job and thought things were fine with one. Fast forward 10 years (yup!) and I was sitting in a team meeting thinking how strange it was that my boobs were burning!

I remember running to Boots at lunchtime and locking myself in the disabled loo while I watched the blue line appear.

I was petrified/excited/sick/mental all at the same time and my husband couldn't believe it. He was honest and said the same, that he was shitting himself too which made me feel better haha!

I had all the same emotions as you - my daughter was happy on her own, we had good money coming in, a decent house and starting to get a bit more freedom.

But - life now is bloody brilliant! I actually think its the best thing that could have happened. I know its early days so I wish you all the best xxxx

LadyCurd Mon 02-Feb-15 06:49:17

Tested again today still defo pregnant. Period due weds so anything could happen. I just don't think we will fit in this house and worried about impact on my other two kids and my career and suddenly worried my marriage might not survive! Eeep!

MagicAlwaysLeadsToTrouble Mon 02-Feb-15 06:53:58

I would say the house is a red herring, don't worry too much about that. Kids arnt that big. You don't need to move right away, lots of time for that.

I'm expecting #3 and we have a 2.5 bed place (2 regular rooms and the tiniest box room) but it will be ok, we will squeeze in.

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