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TTC for first time...irregular cycles and bleeding

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Roo84 Wed 28-Jan-15 22:13:21

Hi ladies, looking for some advice if possible?
My husband and I have been TTC for the first time since August but had no luck as of yet.
I came off the pill in April last year and up until November I had pretty regular cycles around 31 days give or take a day or so. However in November it dropped down to 27 days and the following cycle Dec/Jan was 34 days.
I finished my period last weds and we have been DTD regularly since however yesterday I started to bleed again very lightly (I guess spotting?!)
Have spoke to the DR today who has asked me to do some swabs etc. I also had my smear yesterday and mentioned it to the nurse who checked my cervix and said that to her it all appeared ok. This is the first time ive ever had this happen and I'm feeling very confused/concerned why it's happening! Anyone had anything similar or have any ideas??
Thank you :-)

Purpledaisy3 Thu 29-Jan-15 16:03:15

I think the spotting could be a number of things, or nothing at all. Wait until the swab results come back, is there any chance you could have a water infection?

Other than that it might just be your body adjusting to not being on the pill, it can sometimes take a while, and some women without hormonal medication have irregular cycles all the time (but that doesn't mean they can't get pregnant)

If your cycle is irregular I took a herbal remedy when I was TTC called Agnus Castus. I don't know if it did anything for the regularity of my cycles though- I was pregnant a few weeks later!

Roo84 Tue 03-Feb-15 14:56:18

Thanks for the reply Purpledaisy. ��

Well I've put the swabs in so just waiting for the results! Have no other symptoms of water infection so don't think it would have been that. The spotting only lasted 2 days and mainly brown with pink when I wiped and very light. Will take a look at the Agnus Castus, maybe that will help.

So far this cycle (now on day 21) I don't think I've ovulated either, have been testing every day and so far haven't had a positive and no sign of any EWCM. Really confused what's going on! We have still been BD at least every other day so hopefully somehow I've just missed O or will O soon and will get a BFP this cycle!

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