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Very confusing TWW

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Frantasic Wed 28-Jan-15 21:02:43

Hello Ladies,

I would love some advice.

I had a bit of unprotected naughty time with my on off partner on Saturday night. The last time we did it bareback I got pregnant, but sadly, it ended in miscarriage at five weeks following a nasty accident.

Here's the thing. Last month I was five days late, so clearly ovulated a little later than usual. I think the same thing has happened again because I have no signs of PMT and I was due on yesterday and my CM suggests I have ovulated over the past couple of days. Now, if this is the case there's a good chance that I might have just "hit the jackpot" again, so to speak.

I have had a super stressful start to the year so it would not surprise me at all if my cycle is messed up a bit. But if I am right about having just ovulated then I confused how long to leave it before testing. If I did ovulation over the last couple of days it would been on day 26 of my cycle. Does any know? because I have no idea! Also, I had a bit of spotting. quite obvious bleeding but not enough to end up on my pants. I suspect it's too early for implantation bleeding though.

Oh god, I hope this makes sense. And thanks in advance.

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