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Getting ready to get pregnant...

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Blueblink Wed 28-Jan-15 20:41:11

Hello! I'm new to all this! This is my first post grin We will start ttc in February - very excited!
My question is what did u do to prepare to get pregnant? I've just been trying to be as healthy as possible and have been taking all suggested vitamins for the past 2months but a friend of mine lent me a book that has pretty much made me feel like if I breath in polluted air I'll get preeclampsia, be hospitalised and have to deliver my baby early! Please someone tell me this book is mental and I'm doing what u should be doing!
hmm smile

bexster5 Wed 28-Jan-15 20:47:17

The book is mental. As is large swathes of the internet - be careful what you read when preg / trying to be!

Remember - a lot of people who aren't ttc end up getting preg and having perfectly healthy babies despite not taking the vits and eating and drinking badly at the start. So really don't worry!

I generally eat healthily anyway so I maintained that. Cut out booze, caffeine and ibuprofen and aspirin. Took folic acid and multi vits.

Ironically once preg the first time I had hideous morning sickness and the only food I could face was total rubbish like fast food takeaway chips and gregs sausage rolls. Both of which make me feel faintly nauseous now thinking about them.

So best of luck ttc sounds like you're taking good care of yourself and giving yourself the best possible chance!

Blueblink Wed 28-Jan-15 21:02:32

Phew! Thank god for that! Thought it was all a bit full on! I'll happily hand it back to my friend in that case!

Yes the booze has been cut out, the caffeine is much harder! I am a tea fiend but I've swapped my afternoon teas for green tea or peppermint!

I'll just carry on doing what any sensible person would do and stop reading crap! smile

Cakealicious Thu 29-Jan-15 07:14:43

Green tea has caffeine in it, not as much though.

I took folic acid that was it. I didn't give up booze, caffeine, anything. Infact I got pregnant with DC1 on holiday and had been drinking every night with dinner and eating all the wrong foods. Ttc can be a long journey so just live your life normally and see what happens to begin with.

bexster5 Thu 29-Jan-15 09:26:04

I was a tea fiend too - multiple cups some with two tea bags in! But when I actually got preg I totally went off it. Found rooibus and milk a reasonable replacement. Until I went off that too :/

Good luck! !

Toast85 Thu 29-Jan-15 18:05:28

I've just cut out alcohol, started taking the pregnacare vits that include folic acid (and the male ttc version for DH too) and switched my tea to decaffeinated tea or fruit/herbal tea.
Nothing high tech and no major lifestyle changes! Good luck smile

CityDweller Thu 29-Jan-15 18:13:06

Nothing, and I got pregnant straight away. I was already eating very healthily (no wheat, no sugar) and was relatively unstressed at the time. I think the latter (stress) can play a massive part. So, now that we're sort-of-TTC no.2 I'm trying to reduce my totally ramped up stress levels (which is hard, as work is a nightmare at the moment). Other than that, I'm not doing anything different other than taking folate tablets (naturally occurring folic acid) as I don't drink a huge amount and I eat relatively healthily.

Anecdotally, I know of many people who got pregnant when they actively stopped trying and stopped all the 'lifestyle changes' that made life miserable.

scatterbrainedlass Tue 03-Feb-15 09:27:21

I think the main thing is to try and relax, you're more likely to have problems if you're stressed! We're just starting TTC this month, I started taking folic acid a month before, am not drinking (in the lead up to and until I know for sure whether I am or not pregnant!) and plan to try and cut down on caffeine. (Easier said than done). I'm fairly fit and healthy, so I'm just trying to keep that way, and be a bit more careful about hand washing, especially with food prep. I think common sense is the key really, if you try and follow everything you see on the internet you'll meet yourself coming backwards.

Blueblink Tue 03-Feb-15 15:46:47

This is all great and reassuring advice ladies and just what I wanted to hear!
We are trying to be pretty casual about the whole TTC thing we are calling it "Not, not trying to get pregnant" and hopefully with that laid back approach we'll get somewhere in the coming months! Good luck to all you fellow TTCers! smile X

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