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Advice for a newbie

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armani234 Tue 27-Jan-15 20:46:50

I am really new to everything Internet forum world! I have been ttc for about 5months but over the last few months started to track my periods I think I have just got the hang of it! Just took my first step to ordering which will arrive at the weekend. I have 9dys until my next af, but wanted to have them in just in case this wasn't the month! Is it best to start using them straight after af? My partner is now working away a couple of days a week so we would love to have a good idea where we are. Any advice would be much appreciated! Just looking for to people share there experience,and have some generally good support (which I see a lot of on here)smile

sizethree Wed 28-Jan-15 08:33:22

Hi armani, welcome to the roller coaster of TTC!
have you kept track of when you think you ovulate? Your ewcm is usually a good indicator. It depends on the length of your cycle, but for me, mine is 28 days and I start ovulation testing on day 9 to cover it in case I ovulate early. (Mind you this month i didn't get a smiley face til day 16!).
In instructions inside are very clear (for the very reason it's all a bit of a mathematical minefield!) and you'll no doubt be a pee on a stick expert in no time.
Best of luck! Hope you get your BFP soon. X

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