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How do you cope?

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tessmess Mon 26-Jan-15 21:27:53

This is my first time posting so be gentle!
We tried to conceive for about 6/7 months a couple of years ago and had what I think was a early loss at 5+5/40. For various complex reasons, we stopped trying. The whole experience left me heartbroken, frustrated and pessimistic.
We're trying again now and no joy after one month. I can't bring myself to believe it will ever happen because I remember how it felt to hope so much and find that all it created was pain. How does everyone else cope with this?

WinterBabyof89 Tue 27-Jan-15 10:31:03

It's worth it because of the end game - a baby.. smile
Keep faith that it will happen..a positive mindset can make the world of difference..

It took me 10 months to conceive my dd who sadly died as a result of labour complications.. So I've experienced grief & loss, but hope for the future keeps me looking it should you

Last month was my first cycle ttc since.. Af arrived in full flow the day that she would would have turned 6months old. So a spectacular fail for the first month ha! But another cycle brings me closer to a bfp, which is also true for you.

I wish you every success with ttc my dear.. There'll be hard times ahead (or not if you're lucky!) but it's all about the end game smile xx

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