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Feeling lonely and lost - first time TTC

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bb48 Sun 25-Jan-15 20:54:08

Hi, we have been trying to conceive for 6 months now with no luck. I'm always regular with my periods to the day and last 5 days, however last months was a day or so shorter than usual and lighter.

This month my period should have been Thursday but nothing..........I've taken a test each day and all are negative :-(

I'm going to make an appointment at the Drs but in the mean time Its killing me thinking something is wrong with me due to tests being negative......

On top of this 3 friends who don't want another/any babies have recently announced their pregnancy which makes me feel worse about myself too....

Any advice/ help or support would be greatly appreciated

MrsGingerbread Sun 25-Jan-15 21:13:46


Can I suggest that you join the February bus, it is a thread full of ladies all at different stages of ttc - they are a very lovely and supportive bunch. smile

asgm12 Sun 25-Jan-15 21:30:29

Hi bb48
me and my husband have been ttc for over 4 years. I am only 23 and am now under the care of a fertility clinic on my 2nd round of clomid. I know how you are feeling. It breaks my heart when people say to me oh you are young, you have time on your side, they dismiss our struggle to start a family because I am young. Being young doesn't make it hurt any less! If there is 'something wrong' with you then please don't feel bad, there are so many treatments and specialists that can help. Just know that it is not your fault. Try to stay positive! I know it is very hard sometimes.

As for the negative tests, I have heard of some women who did not get a positive until more than a week after their missed period. Its possible that you are pregnant and there is not enough hormone for the test to pick up yet?

Hope this has helped you a little. smile grin x x x

bb48 Sun 25-Jan-15 21:37:01

I'm 28 and a half that's what's worrying me :-(

crazypuglady Sun 25-Jan-15 21:56:17

Hi bb48

No chance of being lonely around here, there's tons of us here trying. So difficult when all around you get pregnant so quickly and easily isn't it?

28.5 IS still young. You've got plenty of time, even if you do need a bit of help getting there.

bb48 Mon 26-Jan-15 07:06:03

Well AF arrived this morning with a vengeance too, so not only does my body want to play games it wants to torture me too #wantsaduvetday

Marmite2012 Tue 27-Jan-15 11:32:48

Sorry to hear AF arrived.

How are you feeling today?

mameulah Tue 27-Jan-15 13:35:12

Have you tried pre seed?

browneyedgirl86 Tue 27-Jan-15 15:13:17


I know how you feel. Due to a long term health condition I will have trouble conceiving. And I'm 28 so not getting any younger. My DP and I have been unofficially ttc for a year (in that we weren't usijg contraception and decided to see what would happen naturally. When nothing happened we decided to actively try and start charting/dtd on good days etc but nothing so far.

I agree though with a pp, come on to the Feb bus, there's a good atmosphere there! Sorry for typos! I'm on my phone!

bb48 Tue 27-Jan-15 20:32:32

I feel terrible, AF is worse than she been in years, so I'm feeling drained and headachy too :-(

My husband is supportive, he works away though so it's hard because the hugs I need I can't get until Friday night but it's not all bad, we will keep trying and hopefully one day soon we will get lucky :-)

It's nice to talk to people who understand.

I've joined the bus ��

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