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On Ofloxacin and Metronizadole for PID but think I might be pregnant!

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charlotterachenda Sat 24-Jan-15 20:35:37

My periods have always been regular, until around the 15th December, mid cycle, when I was spotting, cramping and bleeding for 10 days, when I stopped spotting, a few days later on the 26th December I came on my period and had a normal period, although very painful. Doctor said it was normal but if it happened again come back.
I have been having cramps in my lower abdomen, focused on the right side and lower back pain for around 16 days. I DTD unprotected 17 days ago. I had no idea if they were related as that seemed way too soon to have any pains coming on.
I went to a walk in clinic last Monday, they did a pregnancy test, a physical examination and asked my symptoms, he also took some swabs. After a long wait I was told they would treat me for Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. They gave me 400mg of Metronizadole and 400mg of Ofloxacin to take twice a day. I didn't take it for the first 4 days because I was waiting for my period so I knew 100% that I wasnt pregnant.
I had a smear test yesterday and when I went to the toilet after there were a few drops of blood in the toilet and then it went brown and stopped (tmi). My period was due yesterday day to so I assumed it was starting and started taking the anti-biotics, so Ive had 3 doses of each so far. Today Im still not on my period so I got a first response test and got a very very very faint line. I thought it was an indent but now Im doubting? Im worried because Im on this medication but Im not sure Im not pregnant. PID can delay my period and mess up my periods as well. Should I stop taking them until I do another test in a few days? I know interrupting treatment could be bad. I tested in the evening after holding for 3 hours as I couldnt wait! I don't even think this line is a positive?

frazzledtofun Sat 24-Jan-15 22:47:57

That looks like a definite line to me!
Call 111 and ask them what to do and get an emergency appointment with your doctor. Are the antibiotics really bad during pregnancy?

Hope it all works out for you!

charlotterachenda Sat 24-Jan-15 23:28:13

yes it says on the box don't take if youre pregnant or you think there is any chance you could be pregant. Im going to test again in the morning but not more anti-biotics until then. Thanks for your reply

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