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Implantation or ovulation?

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Littlelauraxo Sat 24-Jan-15 17:06:44

Anyone out there to give me a little help? This morning when I got up and went to the loo I found pink/brown discharge/blood on the tissue when I wiped, I put a finger up to see if there was anymore and there was some on my fingers when I pulled out. When I went to loo again half an hour later there was no more there and hasn't been anymore ever since. My last period started on 9th January and lasted 4 days. My cycle has been 23-24 days recently and period is due in 8 days. I've had some cramping too. I had sex dead on a week ago and throughout this whole week. I'm a little confused to wether this is ovulation or implantation?

BabyBumpHopeful Sun 25-Jan-15 05:20:13

Ovulation doesn't result in bleeding. It could well be implantation. Timing fits.

Littlelauraxo Sun 25-Jan-15 16:54:09

I hope so, had a some more pink discharge when I wiped yesterday afternoon then nothing last night, today I've had the odd brown speck and cramps.

merlehaggard Sun 25-Jan-15 17:35:24

It sounds like an implantation bleed to me. I don't get periods and this bleed is usually my first indication that i am pregnant. Fingers

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