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blondy307 Fri 23-Jan-15 16:22:56

Hi all - I have been a lurker on this thread over the last month or so and have decided to jump in. I hope you can all help me answer this question. I was on Marvelon for approx 18 months and finished my pack on 21/12/2014 for my pill free week. I had a withdrawal bleed and started a new pack of Marvelon on 29/12/2014. However, me and DH had discussed ttc so i only took 4 of the pills on this pack before stopping completely. The last pill i had taken was on 01/01/2015. We did, however, have unprotected sex on 31/12/2014. I had a withdrawal bleed which started on 02/01/2015 and lasted until approx 07/01/2015.

I am now waiting for AF but have been feeling exhausted over the last couple of weeks and i am feeling crampy as i write this. I also have that generally unwell feeling. (The last unprotected sex we had was on 31/12/2014 - we have been using protection since - i wanted to have a natural AF before starting to try.)

What i want to know is whether i could be pregnant, despite the withdrawal bleed, given that i had only taken 4 pills after my pill free week and the way i am feeling. (I have also had alot of watery discharge which has lasted well over a week - sorry - tmi). Im not sure whether these could be just hormonal changes as a result of my coming off Marvelon.

I'm guessing if i resume back to 28 cycles which was the case before i was on the pill, AF should be along approx next Friday.

Any advice welcome - thanks so much ladies. x

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