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When to take a test?

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Hodds89 Thu 22-Jan-15 17:00:50

Hi ladies,
Im new to this site, i need some advice!
Me and my oh have been trying for baby #2 since october when i had my implant taken out! Since it was taken out my cycle has been really short between 20-22 days confused so i was expecting to come on between last friday and sunday .... Still not on!! But was wondering if my periods may have gone back to a regular 28 days? Im experiancing headaches and severe tierdness buf that is all ... Also keep thinking these may just be fantum symptoms because im hoping to be preggers?!?! Iv bourghf a ptest but dont want to take it as im scared of the dreaded negative result!!
Sorry if this dosnt make sence lol
Any advice welcome smile

Hodds89 Thu 22-Jan-15 20:30:47

Anyone have any kind of advice???

WinterBabyof89 Thu 22-Jan-15 20:39:53

I have no experience with an implant to offer you, however, I will say that you need to pee on a stick to know either way smile

We will be here for moral support if it is a bfn, but also to cheer you on if it's your bfp.. Xx

TashaB15414 Thu 22-Jan-15 23:00:41

I've been off the implant since October 16th and my fiance and I are trying to get pregnant. I have really irregular periods but a week after I got my implant out I got my period. My next period is due next Friday so I'm using a pregnancy test then and hopefully it's positive smile likewise, I'm dreading the negative line, I'll be heartbroken. Will let you know how it goes and if you need any help feel free to ask smile xx

Hodds89 Thu 22-Jan-15 23:20:17

It will be 28days saturday since my last period... Should i wait ubtill then?? Good luck tasha, it really is a horrible feeling only seein one line blush x

TashaB15414 Thu 22-Jan-15 23:32:39

Yeah, wait until the day of your missed period, although you can take a test up to 4 days before your period is due but it isn't as effective so I would just wait. I know the feeling, it is just horrible seeing a negative test when you want it so bad sad just gotta keep trying I guess! Since having the implant out I've taken probably over 30 pregnancy tests, recently they've been an invalid result so I'm hoping to see a positive test on Friday smile I wish you all the luck in the world! Let me know what happens xx

Hodds89 Fri 23-Jan-15 00:00:21

Ohh no bless ya!! My cycle since having the implant out is between 20-22 days so technicaly i am 4 days over.... But ill wait untill saturday/sunday if im not on by then ill deffo do a test! There so expencive hate waisting them lol x

Hodds89 Fri 23-Jan-15 14:27:53

Hey just an update... I did a cheapy test this morning and there was a really faint pregnant line on the test... So still none the wiser really! Will test again tomoz smile

TashaB15414 Fri 23-Jan-15 21:43:56

That's fantastic news! Hope you get the results soon! Xx

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