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Should I take the test?????

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Redhead79 Thu 22-Jan-15 15:39:03

Hi, new to this so please be nice! And apologies in advance for way too much information.....
Have been ttc for 12 months and had an hsg last month.
This month I had a really unusual period (4 days, no clots, only really blead for 1 day but much much lighter than normal, back pain rather than my usual abdominal pain) then I had a headache for 2 days (I never get headaches) and now my urine has started to smell really bad (no discharge etc and I've never smelt like this when I've had a uti).
Am driving myself crazy looking at pregnancy symptoms! Has anyone experienced anything similar?
Have had so many disappointing negatives that I don't want to get my hopes up.

Noniks3 Thu 22-Jan-15 15:45:26

Yes. It will be the only way to put your mind at rest.

Good Luck!

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