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Day 45 and drumming my fingers...

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u32ng Thu 22-Jan-15 13:49:04

my last period was 9-14th December and I am now apparently 2 weeks overdue.

No sign of AF.
2 Neg preg tests (last one was on sat 17th).

So bloody bored as I don't know what is going on - am I pregnant or not ffs? My last cycles (working back) have been: 28, 33, 28, 29, 31.

Whilst I had crazy long & irregular cycles before conceiving ds1, I thought things had sorted themselves out based on the last lot of pretty close-to-average cycle lengths.

Next preg test on sat...(going to buy a boots test as these are meant to be quite good??)

Primaryteach87 Thu 22-Jan-15 13:56:40

I really really hope it's good news for you. I had a 65 (!!! Yes not a typo!!) day long cycle while TTC and it was really a stressful. I wasn't pregnant but it did help me to find out what the problem was. Fingers crossed that your little one will be joining you soon.

u32ng Thu 22-Jan-15 22:23:33

Thank you. I do know where you're coming from as I once had a 54 day cycle when ttc ds1!

alien11 Fri 23-Jan-15 06:19:49

I hope you get good news tomorrow smile I'm currently on cd 37 and scared of longer cycles as I fear something is wrong with me sad ttc no.2 negative test 3 days ago, usual period 35 days.ive had no pmt symptoms of my rage at everyone/anything.

ToAvoidConversation Fri 23-Jan-15 06:27:26

When were TTC I had a cycle that was 85 days long. lots of 50+ cycles which thankfully made the doctor investigate. I wasnt ovulating but ended up pregnant using clomid.

Have you had a look at taking basal body temps? Might help to pinpoint any problems

alien11 Fri 23-Jan-15 08:42:31

Nope not looked into that yet. I'll start looking into tracking after my holiday next month :-) thanks for the advice. My doc is really good so I'm sure I'll get the results/investigations need

ToAvoidConversation Fri 23-Jan-15 20:46:24

It might just be a blip but you may want to know a bit more so it's an option!

alien11 Fri 23-Jan-15 20:59:58

Eeeek! I think a line?!

u32ng Fri 23-Jan-15 22:44:48

Ooh that does look quite cross-like. Don't they say it's still a cross even if it's faint?? See what the instructions day. Sea to check my test now!!!!!...

u32ng Fri 23-Jan-15 22:45:45

Bahsad still neg.

Must be a non-ovulating month thensad

Pixa Fri 23-Jan-15 22:50:49

Definitely positive Alien! smile congratulations.

Pixa Fri 23-Jan-15 22:51:40

U32ng, fingers crossed for you.

alien11 Fri 23-Jan-15 23:37:25

I'm hoping it's a bfp along with all the other tests in the photo..? Sorry to hear that u32

Pixa Sat 24-Jan-15 08:20:35

It's absolutely positive! Maybe do a digital test? smile

Orangeisthenewbanana Sat 24-Jan-15 08:29:04

Congrats alien!
Sorry about your BFN U32ng sad Saw your thread and we are obviously limbo twins! CD39 here and not a single sign of af. Had very mild cramping last weekend, but less than usual af cramps. Boobs are heavy but not massively tender. Was due last Wed so only really 3 days late but had BFN on a FRER Wed night sad.

My cycle was also dreadful before DD, but had seemed to settle in the last year since I stopped bf to around 35 days. Am also more scared of going back to my long unpredictable cycles than not being pregnant! Don't really feel pregnant, but af doesn't feel imminent either! Arrrghhh, so frustrated!

alien11 Sat 24-Jan-15 10:06:51

pixa I'm going to do a digital on weds as agreed with DH :-) I'll relax a bit then can get the test Tuesday night and will do it with FMU weds am before he goes to work. orange I would poas again you never know!

u32ng Fri 30-Jan-15 10:25:01

How did it go alien11??

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