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OPK Lines?!

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ValancyJane Wed 21-Jan-15 17:10:17

Needing some collective wisdom please ladies!

I've starting using OPKs this cycle (#2) as I want to check I'm ovulating, and get an idea of roughly when it happens in my cycle. I've just come off the pill and everything is probably still getting back to normal. I'm just using the cheap internet ones that you dip and it brings up two lines.

Anyway, the day before yesterday (CD8) I had a very faint line, and yesterday (CD9) I had a faint line - not as dark as the control, but clearly visible and looked like it was on the way to being positive in a few days or so.

However today (CD10) nada. One control line and absolutely nothing else! It was at roughly the same time of day (around 4pm) and I hadn't been to the loo for a few hours. The way I understood it, the line should gradually be getting darker day-by-day approaching ovulation, so this has totally thrown me.

Any ideas? Is this a normal blip? Should I do another test? Am I a defective specimen of a human being?! I am totally confused, so all ideas gladly welcomed smile

Metalhead Wed 21-Jan-15 17:14:06

Totally normal, I never got a steady progrsssion from light to dark lines, it was always varying degrees of faintness until about a day before the positive, when the line was almost as dark as the control, then positive the day after. So don't fret, just keep testing! smile

ValancyJane Wed 21-Jan-15 20:10:13

Thanks - that makes me feel a bit better!! Hopefully my missing in action second line will be back tomorrow then smile

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