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Could I be pregnant?

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Bebebuttons94 Tue 20-Jan-15 20:22:48

Okay, so I'm not trying for a baby or anything at the moment, but I recently came off my cerelle pill like 3 months ago and after about 1-2 months had a proper period, lasted about 4 days, so I then calculated when my next one would be. I used to have regular periods before I went on this pill which I've been on for like 3 years and haven't had any periods while on it, so I came off to try and get my cycles back to normal for a while. Anyway, I also had unprotected sex with my bf a few nights before my period was due, didn't get EC as I thought my period's due so soon I surely can't be fertile.' However my period was due 6 days ago and still no sign, also have sore nipples, but have had that before and I wasn't pregnant. Have been taking pregnancy tests since my period was due and they've all been negative, but is it too early to tell as I only had sex 9 days ago?? I'm hoping as there's only a small chance of me ovulating at that time, that I'm not pregnant, but I can't be sure. Even still my period still hasn't come, do you think it's just late, as my cycles haven't got back to normal yet? What should I do??

MagpieCursedTea Tue 20-Jan-15 20:30:17

If you had conceived it would be too soon to show up on a test. Give it another week and a half and if you still haven't had a period test again for the most accurate result.
Having said that, it's quite normal for your periods to be irregular when stopping birth control as you may not be ovulating yet and that first period may have been a 'breakthrough bleed'.

Number3cometome Wed 21-Jan-15 13:24:00

I have PCOS and it took me a year to get pregnant with DC1 and 4 years with DC2.

I was on Cerelle (then called Cerazette) for 7 years after having my daughter (DC2) with no periods.

I came off the pill in July, had a period in September and another in October.

You can imagine my shock when I found out I was pregnant in November!

This was very much planned and we were going at it like rabbits for those months.

The only way to be sure is a test, so wait until Saturday and test with a First Response.

best of luck

Xhml Thu 04-Jun-15 08:13:24

Hi all I was put on Cerelle for 2 weeks after having my coil removed to bridge the gap before my wedding. We have been actively trying to get pregnant and I'm 11 days late but test comes back negative�� uv always been 28 days regular! Does anyone have any experience of been on Cerelle for such a short time? X

MrsPCR Fri 05-Jun-15 20:16:30

I was on it for about 10 months. After initial withdrawal bleed from stopping, first real period can 33 days later, and then been regular 28 for the past 3 months.

When I stopped cerazette once before, my body literally just skipped a period and next one turned up right on schedule. Maybe it's doing that to your body?

MrsPCR Fri 05-Jun-15 20:17:33

Sorry that's probably not much help but thought I'd post my two differing experiences to show that anything is normal.

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