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help! im 23 ttc for 9 months - anyone had better luck with ovulation tests? also iron deficient!

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laura117 Mon 19-Jan-15 12:54:57

Hi Ladies smile

I'm new to this but looking for some re-assurance!

I'm 23 - I had my mirena coil removed last may as me and hubby decided we wanted to start trying for our first baby! Id had my coil nearly 5 years but my cycle seemed to go back to normal straight away!!

A few months down the line and my periods seemed to almost disappear - they barely lasted a day! I went off to the doctors and had some blood tests which showed up that I was iron deficient and border line anemic so I have been taking iron supplements for 3 months now! the doctor doesn't seem to think I have anything more sinister wrong with me!!

Were now on cycle 9 TTC with still no luck! I ordered some ovulation test sticks to try this cycle - and it just so turned out that the first positive test i got was just as we arrived for a (romantic) weekend away! so we had a rather busy weekend!! and now I'm really hoping this month might just be the month!!

Just wondering if any of you have had any of these problems and gone on to get pregnant easily? and how many that use ovulation tests have a bit more luck conceiving quicker?

1Sammmy Tue 27-Jan-15 13:39:48

Hi Laura
Im 21 trying to conceive since 9 months too (since may) i used opks on my fourth month but got a bfn so gave up after that cycle. And this month i decided to tried again but i didnt get a postive opk at all they were all light for 7 days... so i dnt even know if i ovulated this month? we dtd on all of the seven days and i did get EWCM so maybe i did ovulate. Just hope this is my month, becoming desperate now and just praying to god to give me a bfp this month!
How many days past ovulation are you, and have you had any symptons?
Good luck

laura117 Wed 28-Jan-15 12:19:43

Hi sammmy,

We started trying in may too and it's driving me mad now!!
Beginning to worry all is not well sad

I used OPK this last month ... I ovulated a lot later than expected on cycle day 17 and I only have a 27 day long cycle!! So I can only wonder if this is why we have not got pregnant yet as we have simply been missing it?

My af is due tomorrow... I couldn't resist any longer and did a hpt and it was negative! Not giving up quite yet tho as implantation occurs 7-10 days after conception I could technically only just be implanted and starting to produce hcg ... But I think I might be clutching at straws!!! Lol

heyarnold19 Wed 28-Jan-15 13:49:56


I've also been trying since May but no luck yet. I've been using opk's since August and discovered that my ovulation date differs. My cycle is between 26 and 29 days and I can get a positive opk between day 12 and day 17 which surprised me! I think they are worth using but I am trying not to rely on them too much from now on, I think they are worth using as a guide but it is easy to get a bit obsessed!

I wanted to ask you all how you are dealing with it taking a while to conceive? I am trying to be chilled but I am starting to worry as I am just starting cycle number 10 and I didnt think it would take this long! I know I should just be patient but it is really hard!

laura117 Thu 29-Jan-15 09:38:30


I am beginning to get a bit frustrated now if I'm honest!

I went to the doctors a few months back because my periods became shorter and shorter and were barely lasted 24 hours! So I had a loads of tests done to check everything and nothing came back (apart from an iron deficiency ) and that put my mind at ease slightly but now it's still not happening im getting concerned again! Doctor did say she would send us for further tests if we still had concieved by April time... Not the norm to test so early at my age but I'm grateful all the same... I think another year would drive me mad! It's really starting to affect my husband -- he's had not tests done yet and is convinced it might be him which is getting him down sad it's so difficult ...

It just seems like everyone else is getting pregnant apart from us! We spent so long planning this... I'm on a 7 year uni course so we had always said we would have a baby once I finished... So u had my coil out last may as I finish this may... I knew it would take a few months to go back to normal after having it out .. So I was hoping I would be due not long after finishing uni! And now I'm nearly finished and still no bfp!!

How old r u?how are you dealing with it?

QueenMartha Thu 29-Jan-15 09:46:29

I'm 24 and been TTC #2 for 14 months. I've got really irregular cycles. I used OPKs for a while and they seemed to worked - positive test then period exactly 14 days later. Then I had a positive OPK but didn't get my period until 6 weeks later, so I gave up on them then.

I went through a phase of being really frustrated because I wasn't pregnant yet, but I felt like I put my whole life on hold last year so this I'm trying to relax and enjoy life this year and it'll happen when it happens.

heyarnold19 Thu 29-Jan-15 12:48:01

Hi Laura,

I'm 33 and ttc #1. I was so naive when I started this as I assumed it would happen really quickly like it has for most other people I know! I keep trying to think positively about it and think that it is not unusual to take at least 12 months but I do find that hard to believe sometimes when you are always hearing stories about it happening for others really quickly (or for those that don't even try at all!).

It is easier said that done to chill out but thats what I am trying to do. As Martha said above it can feel like you are putting your life on hold when TTC but I am going to try to relax and it will happen! And if it hasnt happened after 12 months then I'll go to see the GP but I am going to try not to worry about until I know there is a problem.

Thats good that your Doctor will send you for tests in April - hopefully they wont need to by then though!

laura117 Fri 30-Jan-15 08:51:50

Hi Martha ... U seem so chilled about it I wish I could be! I guess if might be more reassuring knowing you have already had one though...

Heyarnold... Yeh I am lucky my doctor seems really supportive (I recently moved so this is the only thing I have been to see her about) but she said that see will send me for scans to make sure there's nothing wrong on the inside and also send some samples from my husband off... And she said she will do it after we have been trying a year which it's April/May time!

My af was due yesterday... POAS this morning but got a bfn !! But dare I say I feel so sick this morning �� I'm probably just symptom spotting !!! Lol

QueenMartha Fri 30-Jan-15 13:19:02

I'm not sure if I feel chilled or just jaded Laura!

Sorry about your BFN. That's good your doctor is on the ball though.

I think I'll go back to see my doctor in 6 months or so if there's still nothing.

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