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Period 4 days early, now a tiny amount of brown blood when I wipe, implantation or period ?

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Rlkeating93 Sun 18-Jan-15 17:27:41

Hi ladies im new to this site but im needing some help !
Im normally like clockwork with my period, it usually comes on the 11th every month, however me and my fiance are ttc and suprisingly my "period" came 4 days early this month and was very light for 4 days with hardly any cramping or pain like usual and just stopped after 3-4 days !
Now we had intercourse last night and there was a tiny amount of blood afterwards which i thought nothing off, but now ive just been to toilet and when i wiped it looked like the begining of my period, ive been having cramping all day but im confused as i was only on on the 7th jan ? So could this be implantation bleeding or is my menstrual cycle gone haywire ?
Any advice or if anyones had similar experience can you give me some insight as to what it may be, thank you in advance x

emma85x Sun 18-Jan-15 23:01:12

Have you taken a hpt? Sounds like implantation bleeding... Good luck

Rlkeating93 Mon 19-Jan-15 10:48:30

Hi thanks for replying, i took a cheap poundland one last night but came back negative so i might give it a few more days and retest !

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