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After more than 2 years TTC I got a BFP today!

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banterbus Sun 18-Jan-15 16:38:53

For anyone reading this who has been TTC for a long time, don't lose hope! I can't quite believe it but I just took a test and apparently I'm pregnant after more than 2 years of trying. Hope everyone else on these boards gets positive news soon as well!

bicky Sun 18-Jan-15 16:41:54

Congratulations ��

BreeVDKamp Sun 18-Jan-15 16:42:32

Wow that's wonderful, congratulations!!! smile

sammylou1 Sun 18-Jan-15 16:44:24

Banter - congratulations and thank you for sharing! We've been ttc for 15 months and losing hope, so it's nice to hear positive stories smile
Wishing you a healthy 9 months. X

MagpieCursedTea Sun 18-Jan-15 16:56:19

Congratulations! thanks

Rainy34 Sun 18-Jan-15 17:02:45

That is wonderful news, waiting so long you truly deserve your bfp!! wishing you a happy healthy nine months xx

busywifey Sun 18-Jan-15 17:05:34

Congratulations flowers what's your secret? I'm on cycle 13 sad

Crumbelina Sun 18-Jan-15 17:08:50

Congratulations!! That's fabulous news and gives me hope. TTC#1 for 16 maybe 17 months - losing count as I'm so fed up with scans, blood tests and a bfn every month ...

babymouse Sun 18-Jan-15 17:09:28


banterbus Sun 18-Jan-15 17:11:00

Thank you everyone! I haven't even been able to tell my husband yet as hes at work til about midnight so will have to try and stay awake. The only thing that's been different this cycle was I had been to the doctors for blood tests last week and was convinced I had pcos so I think the relief of knowing I was at least going to get a diagnosis of why it was taking so long relaxed me in a strange way. As it turned out the test results were all ok. I have also been taking seven seas trying for a baby vitamins for 2 months so maybe that helped?!

banterbus Sun 18-Jan-15 17:18:06

Blood test last month I mean! The ironic thing is I now know my appointment discussing the results a few weeks ago was about the time I fell pregnant. Still hasn't sunk in properly though.

Cheesymonster Sun 18-Jan-15 17:20:59

Congratulations! That's fantastic flowers

Ooh I've just started taking the same vitamins and am having blood test on Wednesday!

Metalhead Sun 18-Jan-15 17:46:25

Congratulations! I hope everything goes well for you.

Beansprout30 Sun 18-Jan-15 22:57:22

Congratulations, love stories like this!

emma85x Sun 18-Jan-15 22:59:53


chasingtherainbow Mon 19-Jan-15 12:29:58

Wonderful news! flowers

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