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Shrivelled and knackered!

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Focusfocus Sat 17-Jan-15 22:48:16

Just to say we are both knackered from our first time TTC week! This was long planned, great nutrition and vitamins for a year before even starting to try but seriously just this one week has done it in terms of knackering us out! Only 30 so should really perhaps be like bunnies?!

Ovulated today CD13

DTD CD 12 early
Home artificial insemination CD12 very late
Home artificial insemination with Pre Seed CD13 just when ovulating

DH says his penis has requested to be retired :D And my bits feels like a damaged petal - all sorts of stuff has gone in it. The pre seed, semen in a soup mug and syringe combination was the last bit and now I feel I've seen it all. Not drinking mug drinks in a very long time.

Poor DH has delivered the goods five times in five days (!)

Good luck to everyone TTC. I feel like we've brought out the big guns from cycle 1 we have no tricks left for future cycles!

Right. Off to get hold of pineapple tomorrow for snacking on to get that uterus lining some well deserved bromelain!

RhiannonElward Sat 17-Jan-15 22:55:11

Firstly I very much respect your commitment, secondly I hope very much that this pays off for you and you get your bfp reward soon. Fx for you.

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