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Period is 16 days late but no BFP :-/

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Juniper44 Sat 17-Jan-15 21:05:24

DP and I started TTC at the beginning of Dec and my cycle is normally ~ 31 days long.

With DD I conceived on day 21, apparently. I wasn't checking my ovulation as we weren't really planning on starting to TTC until after Christmas but then just went with it.

Before DD I was on the mini pill and no periods, but post her my periods have been regular and every 28-31 days. Not been on hormonal contraception bar having the IUS in for 6 weeks in summer.

Seems weird that I'm so late, and the only late period would coincide with the same time that we've been actively trying.

I don't know where to go from here. I went to the GP who has referred me for a blood test to check my thyroid levels (my mum has an underactive thyroid) but I suspect he was only doing that so that he was doing something.

I'm tempted to start tracking with ovulation sticks as I have no idea now when / if my next period will be, or if I may ovulate before having another period.

Have been feeling quite pregnant but not sure if that's psychosomatic!

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