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first time TTC - very excited

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butterflygirl1515 Sat 17-Jan-15 08:02:05

Hi all,

Im new to this site and have just started TTC this month. Im 37 and my partner is 34. I'm so excited about trying and am getting rather obsessed with fertility monitoring and symptom watching.

I monitored my EWCM for 3 months prior to trying and used it this month along with ovulation tests and then TTC in the days before ovulation and the days after. We also used special conception aid lube in case and I kept elevated for 30 mins after every try.

Now I am waiting for implantion signs if I do get any. Its not the sort of thing you can chat about with people so its great to read all the posts on here.

nightandthelight Sat 17-Jan-15 08:21:46

Hi butterfly I don't know when your bfp is due but do come and join either the Jan or Feb bus (or both). Full of lovely, excited people just like you smile

Good luck with your baby making!

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