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How long before I test?

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SellyMevs Thu 15-Jan-15 23:02:26

LMP 26th Dec, sex 3rd Jan but the condom split.

How long sho old I leave it before I test? I have no idea when my period is due next, my last one was the first proper period I've had. Gave birth 5 months ago, was on the mini pill but stopped just before Christmas as I was struggling with constant bleeding. Decided to have a break because I wasn't even up for having sex..

So gave it a go once, the condom split and I'm worried I'm pregnant again (I don't know if I should be happy or scared!). I've had grumbly period pains like I'm expecting it to start, and all I can think is this is the first sign I had with DS. I kept waiting for my period because I had the pains and it took a couple of weeks to dawn on me that it never came... but it must be far too early right?!

Sorry if this isn't very concise.. I'm still getting to grips with already having a 5 month old so this is a surprise, or just all in my head!

sykadelic Fri 16-Jan-15 01:40:11

Well the way a cycle works is that you ovulate roughly 14 days before your next period. An average cycle is 28 days, so based on your math a rough estimate is:

Period due: Jan 23
Ovulation: Jan 9

Your egg only lives for 24 hours, but sperm lives around 5 days.

It's entirely possible that if you have a longer or shorter cycle, or if you ovulated early that you could be pregnant. I'd say the chances are low, but to answer your OP, I'd test around this time next week. Then if that was negative I'd test again about a week later to be sure.

Hope that helps!

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