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Implantation bleeding or weird period?

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Catftm3 Thu 15-Jan-15 14:09:02

Hello, We've been trying to conceive. I usually have a 28 - 30 day cycle. I experienced cramps on night then the next morning I started what I thought was my af (bright red blood) it was a very light flow compared to what I usually experience, the next morning I used a tampon but by the afternoon it had tapered off to a very light flow and in the afternoon was just when I wiped. For the last two days I have just had brown spotting when I wipe. I have done a hot but it's negative. Could is till be pregnant despite the negative? Unusually get very heavy periods so this is very unusual for me. I am 37. Also I want to ttc this month and planned on starting epo as it helped me conceive last time but am unsure now in case this bleed was implantation or I am pregnant. Really appreciate your advice. Thank you

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