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maternity leave on fixed term contracts.

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12goldielocks23 Wed 14-Jan-15 15:48:34

Hello I am new here smile

Bit of background, recently had a lap for endometriosis and been given 2 years to try and have kids. This puts me in a bit of a position job wise. We plan to start trying June time. BUT i have just been offered a new job starting next week which is full time permanent, (in an area im not hugely excited about) and had another interview today for a job i would LOVE but its a 12 month fixed term contract.

my sensible side says just tolerate the permanent one, but I didnt study hard for a degree to pass up a job related (the ftc one) i know they cannot fail to renew your contract because of the pregnancy BUT they would have a way around it im sure, given you knew the pre agreed end date. I am aware I would still get SMP providing I had been there 26 weeks at 15 weeks before expected birth date.... has anyone actually had experience of this?

I know it isnt relevant right now, but i dont want to take a job to be in a crappy situation when the inevitable hopefully happens.

Im worried about not having a job to go back to and I am getting myself in a right tizz about it all!! Nobody seems to know much, and I can hardley discuss it with prospective employer!

Thankyou smile

GuybrushThreepwoodMP Wed 14-Jan-15 17:49:27

I started maternity leave 9 months into a 12 month contract. They gave absolutely minimum. This is obviously anecdotal but they would have tried to screw me or of any penny they could. BUT my contact was automatically renewed while on maternity leave for another year.
I don't know what the law was, but if there was a way around it, those bastards would have found it. The company actually closed while I was on leave so they had to pay my remaining SMP plus redundancy. It depends if it was a contract which would be extended anyway I guess. If it is a temporary role, i.e you wouldn't be replaced at the end if you left, I'm not sure.

Stoatystoat Wed 14-Jan-15 18:02:47

I'd be interested in the responses. I work in academia and am on a FTC - it's the norm for research roles. My only hope is that it happens quickly allowing decent time at the end of my contract to go back. My role is specialised and won't be covered - not sure my boss is aware of that mind you - it will have to be done by her or wait until I come back. Very complicated. I was waiting for a longer term contract but have waited so long I'm ancient and now just have to crack on! I have been with my university years so in a different boat.

Good luck and thanks for posting this!

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