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Normal period, then BFPs. Anyone else had this, and does it mean ectopic?

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MrsDarnConfused Wed 14-Jan-15 14:27:31

Is there any chance that someone can offer any advice on this situation?(Long time lurker on these threads, and I'm sorry for this long post but don't want to drip-feed!)

A few weeks ago on 3rd January I took a (negative) pregnancy test as my period was two days late. It started later that day and lasted four/five days as usual, didn't think much of it as we hadn't really "tried" in December.

This Monday I had an instant 'peak' on fertility monitor, which was odd. Tried Internet cheapie pregnancy test, and then a proper one, to total surprise, they both turned positive. Popped to Doctor who said they weren't strong positives and were signs of an chemical pregnancy and the hormones would vanish. This wasn't too bad as we hadn't tried really and didn't have much time to get used to the idea anyway.

On Tuesday I had period pains on one side and pink blood, so I called the Doctor again who referred me to a gynaecologist at the local hospital with worry of eptopic pregnancy. They couldn't find anything and did a blood test, with results of 285 hgc and 7 progestorone; I have a follow up blood test tomorrow which will show the next steps.

Oddly though, they said that it wouldn't be a chemical pregnancy as I'm still getting positive tests; that early pregnancies can often have bleeding; that the pink bleeding could be implantation, and that I should feel "cautiously optimistic" about this being an early pregnancy. This goes against everything I've read and I'm driving myself mad. I also have weird symptoms; huge sore boobs, occasional dizziness, cramps...

Has anyone had a similar situation and if so, how did it turn out? I almost want this to be a miscarriage which is dragging on. I know I might know more by this time tomorrow but I'm physically tembling as I'm terrified about an ectopic pregnancy - one almost killed a friend of mine, so guess I'm hoping for some hand-holding...

LulaPalooza Wed 14-Jan-15 14:30:38

Here for hand holding. I had two "normal" periods when I had an ectopic. Had no idea as I had no pregnancy symptoms to speak of. I didn't know anything until it ruptured. It was scary, but the doctors were amazing and there is no lasting damage.

MrsDarnConfused Wed 14-Jan-15 14:58:02

Thank you for the handholding LulaPalooza! Although I'm deeply sorry to hear you went through this too. I have been wondering how long this might have been ticking away, since I couldn't tell the difference between the bleeding and a period, so it could be a few. How scary! I always thought periods were reliable...

TinyCaterpillar Wed 14-Jan-15 23:08:22

It all sounds really worrying and the GP shouldn't have said that - a line is a line!

I had a normal 'period' during my last pregnancy and only tested as I still felt weird a few days later and it was my second pregnancy so I recognised the signs. I thought I was going mad but to my surprise it was a BFP. I went on to have more bleeding but baby was absolutely fine. It's quite common apparently. Wishing you all the best flowers

LulaPalooza Thu 15-Jan-15 14:03:26

How are you today, Mrs Darn?

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