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possible to get pg after ovulation

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mummypig3 Wed 14-Jan-15 12:47:45

Had ewcm from 5th to 9th and dtd on 11th. Since then been having cramps but not due on til 23rd

cantbelieveimdoingthisagain Wed 14-Jan-15 13:08:59

Its most likely that you ov'd after the 9th as fertile CM leads up to ovulation. Certainly possible.

mummypig3 Wed 14-Jan-15 13:14:02

Ah right. I thought ov happened a couple of days before the ewcm finished

cantbelieveimdoingthisagain Wed 14-Jan-15 13:17:12

Nope it's usually 4/5 days of EWCM, then some watery/slippery mucus for a day while you ovulate. You mightn't even be able to notice the watery stuff unless you are properly checking your tissue!

mummypig3 Wed 14-Jan-15 13:26:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cantbelieveimdoingthisagain Wed 14-Jan-15 14:14:26

The best time to test is the day AF is due, but FRER tests say they can get accurate tests from 4 days before period is due so at about 10 dpo

mummypig3 Wed 14-Jan-15 14:15:37

Ok. Thanks

mummyofonesofar Fri 16-Jan-15 15:06:40

My SIL DTD for the first time that month the day before she thought AF was due. I now have a Nephew so none of it is an exact science, some months you may ovulate very late or very early anyway. Good luck testing.

Thumbwitch Fri 16-Jan-15 15:08:37

Definitely possible as it takes a few days for the egg to travel all the way from the ovary out.

TakeMeUpTheNorthMountain Fri 16-Jan-15 15:19:23

I have been trying for 5 years based on ovulation tables etc.

Got pregnant 2 days after period ended. I know that to be true as it's the only time I had sex, we had stopped trying due to health issues.

So I was clearly ovulating at a random time, maybe go for dtd every fay/second day of the month to be sure? Or do you use ovulation test sticks?

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