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New job and thinking about TTC....

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pumpkin90 Sun 11-Jan-15 21:47:47

Myself and my partner decided we would start TTC for our second baby starting in the new year.
My only worry ATM is that I have just started a new job the week before Christmas and I have a 6 month probation period.

Do we stick to the original plan and start TTC or wait until the probation period is over?

Any advise/opinions would be greatly appreciated, I'm really torn on what to do ....

Thank you in advance

FleetwoodPacaMac Sun 11-Jan-15 21:54:50

They can't sack you after the probationary period if you're pregnant, but please check the maternity policy in terms of pay. You may find yourself stuck with just statutory pay if you fall pregnant too quickly after starting your service with them.

mummyofonesofar Mon 12-Jan-15 09:10:19

We were going to start trying last year after a few unsuccessful interviews so decided to stay where I wasn't very happy but to have my implant taken out.

I then got a phone call saying the successful candidate of an ideal job was leaving due to a better offer and I was next in line. Jumped at the job, checked policies and though they can't sack you for getting pregnant we would get £6,249. SMP or £11,865 using the maternity package for a whole year out once I have been there for a year by the 11th week before due date.

So have been biding our time. Looking at the figures can help make the decision! The last 6 months seemed to take forever but we are now there and ready to start trying in Feb smile

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