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Can fertility calculator dates be wrong?

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19lottie82 Sun 11-Jan-15 18:41:05

DH and I are TTC, we are on our third month of "trying", with the trying consisting of doing the deed once or twice a day throughout the recommended dates produced by various fertility calculator dates, having entered my cycle dates.

I'm pretty sure I'm ovulating today (so executing my period in 4-5 days) based on my discharge and tender breasts, but the calculators told us the best days to conceive were 30/12-2/1. Does this not seem a little early, based on my ovulation date of 10-11/1?

Excuse my ignorance, I'm kind of new to all of this! Any advice would be appreciated.

seeminglyso Sun 11-Jan-15 19:11:31

Type BBT into Google and then download fertility friend. I was trying with ovulation strips but was getting things well out. Opks are a waste of time, I was getting positives on day 14 but bbt charting showed I was ovulating on day 18. Good luck.

19lottie82 Sun 11-Jan-15 19:22:33

Thanks seeminglyso I'll check it out

GlitteryLipgloss Sun 11-Jan-15 19:24:35

I got a positive OPK test and I'm on CD 23. I'm a 26 cycle on average. So the sticks haven't been great. Used my last one to prove I wasn't going mental.

My period tracker and ovia say the same. LMP was 20/12/14 so app says ovulation day was 01/01/15. Which is 12- 14 days BEFORE next ovulation which is the correct way to count when you would ovulate. ?(Please correct me if I am wrong)
Give or take a few days as per your cycle.

I've been DTD before ovulation day and every other day on fertile days. To cover all bases.

GuybrushThreepwoodMP Sun 11-Jan-15 21:44:28

Ovulation usually happens about two weeks before your period is due. Of you have 28 day cycle, ovulation would be about day 14. If you have a 45 day cycle, it would be about day 31. Definitely not 4-5 days before you expect your period to show. Standard length of time between ovulation and period is 12-18 days with average being 14.

GuybrushThreepwoodMP Sun 11-Jan-15 21:46:28

So if your period is due in 4-5 days, you probably did ovulate around 1st. If you are ovulating today, your period will be due in two weeks. What makes you think you are ovulating today? What makes you think your period is due in 4-5 days? One of these facts is wrong.

19lottie82 Sun 11-Jan-15 22:31:48

I could be wrong......I just assumed I was because my discharge is heavier, clear and very tacky. My breasts are also very tender. This usually happens about 4-5 days before the first day of my cycle....

Observer78 Sun 11-Jan-15 23:03:54

I thought I was pushing it with DTD every day (sperm need time to regenerate), but twice a day might be a bit too much perhaps?

Also, the ovulation predictors etc are all over the place. Kits on the market show when you have ovulated- and by then it's too late to try.
Go with what others suggest - mid cycle (we allowed week either side, so started trying straight after AF had finished).

GlitteryLipgloss Sun 11-Jan-15 23:21:07

Lottie when was your last period. CD 1 would be that day. For example if you were a 30 day cycle. Count back 14 days. Add two days either side of that. That would be your fertile window. x

Permanentlyexhausted Sun 11-Jan-15 23:29:08

if your period is due in 4-5 days then you were probably ovulating at the beginning of the month. But if you're only on month 3, I wouldn't obsess about ovulation calculators and just get on with DTD. Good luck!

DizzyNorthernBird Mon 12-Jan-15 00:58:41

If your discharge is clear and slippery like egg whites then this is a sign you're fertile. Not everyone sees this though, but if this is what you're seeing it supposedly appears up to 4/5 days before ovulation. You mention it being tacky though - if it's tacky this is what you would see at other times of your cycle when youre not fertile. The sperm can't swim through sticky mucus! Also if you're dtd every day or more be mindful in case what you're seeing is old semen coming out.

If the predictors say you're due to ovulate on 10/11th then yes, 31st-2nd would be a few days too early.

19lottie82 Mon 12-Jan-15 07:15:08

Thanks folks smile last period started 13/12, they usually last about 3-4 days and I'm on about a 32 day cycle

I think discharge is more slippery (but sticks to my fingers) than tacky, didn't know how to describe it really

DizzyNorthernBird Mon 12-Jan-15 09:55:50

What fertility calculators are you using? I use ovia and period tracker, ovia lets you input all your monthly symptoms too and will work out your predicted fertile window, it's pretty good and will at least give you a rough idea of when to focus your efforts on Dtd.

Also if you want to track symptoms and improve your awareness of what signs to look out for, try and pick up a copy of 'Taking charge of your fertility', I cannot recommend this book enough. I was pretty clueless too until reading this. You can get a used copy off ebay for under a tenner.

Good luck!

Permanentlyexhausted Mon 12-Jan-15 16:49:25

last period started 13/12, they usually last about 3-4 days and I'm on about a 32 day cycle

So your next period should be due around 14/1? Ovulation should be around 14 days before this so your fertile window would have been around 31/12 - 1/1. It sounds as though your fertility calculator is probably correct. And on that basis, you're next fertile window will be end Jan/beginning Feb.

19lottie82 Mon 12-Jan-15 18:53:53

Yes that's when I'm expecting my period. Pretty sure it's coming (despite our efforts) due to the warning sings I experienced over the weekend (tender breasts and discharge)...... I will definitely buy a copy of that book, I have heard good things. Thanks people!

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