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trying to conceive

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xshortyx Sun 11-Jan-15 09:46:07

Hi everyone.
This is my first post and I need help. I was diagnosed with endo and pros 4 years ago. I have had 3 laps to treat endo (my last was may and was advised I would probably require another before ttc). I have been on the pill until 3 months ago, I was advised to come off as I stopped bleeding (didn't even have my usual withdrawn bleed) we have been trying to conceive however no luck (I know it's only been 3 months) my periods have come back but are irregular first cycle was 28 days 2nd was 36 and spotting inbetween. I am finding my Dr not very supportive. Does anyone have any advice on ttc.
Thanks xx

Breeble Tue 13-Jan-15 20:35:59

Hi Shorty,

Didn't want your message to go unanswered, although I don't have much advice. It seems pretty normal for periods to be a bit wonky after coming off the pill, and it can take a while for normal fertility to come back - up to 6 months is still considered normal I think. I have no idea, but I could imagine that doctors would be reluctant to test people until they are settled down off the pill as any results could be influenced by the residual hormones instead of the persons actual situation and so not much use in determining anything! I'd say maybe wait out the 6 months, keep trying, and go back to your doctor then if your periods are not back to normal. Good luck.


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