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Zoefitness Sun 11-Jan-15 01:24:25

Hi ladies. I am planning on trying to conceive later this year. At the moment I am trying to do as much reading as I can re conceiving.

My issue is that I am trying to figure out my fertile days and I am struggling. I have read that when your cm is a raw egg white colour and it is stretchy, this means that you are ovulating. I however, do not have this, I get a watery cm but never a stretchy cm. Is this type of Cm obvious? Should I get a fertility testing kit? Are they any good?

Please help ease my worries. I am very concerned that I may be infertile!

Thank you

DistressedAndAlarmed Sun 11-Jan-15 01:36:48

Not all women get EWCM (egg white cervical mucus). For some women the watery CM is their fertile CM and you can conceive perfectly well with it.

It's possible you may be getting a small amount of EWCM and not noticing it. I only notice mine when I'm checking my cervical position.

I'd recommend charting your BBT (basal body temperature) to pinpoint your fertile days and ovulation.

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