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Painful cramps in tww - normal, BFP, or...

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newbian Sat 10-Jan-15 17:56:35

I'm now 10 days post ovulation and due to test next week Thursday. For the past 2-3 days I've been having very painful cramps. I've never had anything like this for period or ovulation. TTC 1 so never been pregnant before.

It started feeling similar to O pain with stabbing in the ovary area and then moved into the uterus/lower abdomen. I'm also feeling bladder pressure and peeing frequently. At some points it's actually taken my breath away slightly. Very uncomfortable.

DH is concerned and thinks I need to go to the doctor. But I can imagine the look on the face of the NHS nurse when I explain that I'm a woman under 55 who has cramps during my menstrual cycle hmm

Has anyone every had something like this before BFP? I'm hoping it's implantation. But if this isn't something normal in early pregnancy then I might book an appointment to see if I have cysts because I'm pretty concerned.


frazzledtofun Sat 10-Jan-15 22:44:18

I would definitely go to the doctor. If it is painful enough to take your breath away then it could be something else entirely, especially if it isn't something you've experienced before.

Of course it could be BFP or just be that your cycle is doing something weird, but if I were you I would go to the doctor to just check it out and make sure that all is well.

Good luck!

sykadelic Sun 11-Jan-15 04:39:24

It's entirely possible that it could be implantation but on the off chance it's not, I'd see the doc.

Have to say being told BFP would be worth feeling like an idiot for worrying. :D

newbian Sun 11-Jan-15 10:41:54

The cramps have gone since yesterday evening, and my temps have been rising for the past few days. Breasts are sensitive and seem to have grown overnight - I normally sleep in a sports bra and when I woke up it barely fit anymore and was halfway off. That is weird! So I'm going to see if I get a positive test in a few days, if not then will book into the doctor.

sykadelic Sun 11-Jan-15 17:37:58

Sounds like implantation then!! Excellent smile Look forward to your BFP post in a few days :D

emma85x Sun 18-Jan-15 11:09:42

@newbian Did you get your BFP?!!

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