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Spotting after sex... Possibly tmi

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Wellyelly11 Sat 10-Jan-15 13:35:45

Hello ladies smile first post so apologies in advance if I get any of the lingo wrong!
I'm currently in the dreaded 2ww, 9or 10 dpo, lmp was 17th dec we dtd several times on the 1st and 2nd jan. This morning we had sex and since I've been spotting, light pink bleeding when I wipe after going to the loo, I'm also getting cramps. Did a cheap preg test this morning and got a bfn sad anyone had any experience of this? I've never spotted after sex before and I've never had bleeding in between periods either so it's all new territory! Has this happened to any of you ladies and has anyone gone on to get a bfp afterwards? Feeling like I'm out this month!

MrsCrumbtious Sat 10-Jan-15 14:19:16

It could be an implantation bleed :-) , when is AF due? xx

Wellyelly11 Sat 10-Jan-15 14:21:45

Hi thanks for the reply smile
Af is due around the 15th, I've been so bad with testing too early this time round and don't want anymore bfn! I've never had an implantation bleed with my other pregnancies so this is all new to me!

lastnightiwenttomanderley Sat 10-Jan-15 18:10:22

Welly I could have written your OP. Same dates, same spotting, no test though here. Interested to hear how you get on, may be too early for BFP?

Wellyelly11 Sat 10-Jan-15 19:32:57

Hi lastnight, it's our first month of ttc so I guess I don't really expect it to happen so quickly, and I've been so bad with testing and I know it's too early to get a positive! I've not been using opks so I don't know 100% when I ovulated! I'm hoping by next week I'll know if this month was successful! Waiting is hard!
I hope you get your bfp!

lastnightiwenttomanderley Sat 10-Jan-15 19:46:29 too! Are you me?

Wellyelly11 Sun 11-Jan-15 19:42:33

Haha that's so odd! Nice to talk to someone in the same boat so to speak though! Dh is very much of the "it will happen when it happens" perspective whereas I'm a bit more high maitenance about it all! No more spotting since yesterday afternoon and am symptom spotting like mad! Thinking of getting a superdrug test tomorrow and seeing what comes up but I have a feeling it will be a bfn! When do you think you'll test? smile

MrsCrumbtious Sun 11-Jan-15 19:54:13

I made the mistake of testing too early and too many times last month (our first month ttc.) Am trying to hold out until a day or 2 before AF lands this time :-) xx

lastnightiwenttomanderley Sun 11-Jan-15 19:59:59

I'm holding off until Saturday, though a little worried that this may be the beginning of AF though nothing really since. Last cycle was 38 days compared to 27 and 28 since coming off the pill so not sure exactly when I ovd... confused

tootsroots Sun 11-Jan-15 22:57:51

I had spotting after did Ashe was diagnosed with a cervical etropian - a quick swab by gyni with silver nitrate and all fixed and no spotting smile

tootsroots Sun 11-Jan-15 22:58:26

Ugh iPad . * after dtd and ...

Wellyelly11 Mon 12-Jan-15 13:44:20

I did another test today, not fmu and got another bfn so guessing this month is def not my month! Not exactly sure when af is due, somewhen towards the end of this week thurs-sat I think! So will wait and see but not much hope really! With ds2 I got a bfp at 10dpo, and ds1 was early as well (although he was a suprise so not sure how early!) so I'm kinda going on that although with dd I didn't get a positive until over fortnight after my period was late! Ttc really does send me a bit batty!
If I dont get a bfp this month and the spotting happens after dtd again I'll def go to the docs and see what's going on, better to be safe smile
Hoping for bfps for you all smile

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