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Gender preference?

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MrsCrumbtious Sat 10-Jan-15 11:52:38

Just need to have a rant as I can't tell any of my family/friends this and soooo ridiculously frustrated:
Have you or your partners had a prefernce for a girl or boy and trying different methods?

My DH is really desperate for a boy (he's the youngest boy in the family so wants that old macho chestnut thing of 'carrying on the family name') I really don't mind as long as we have a healthy baby at the end of it.

He's so set on having a son, we're trying the 'Shettles method' (only BD on the day I ovulate) to try to concieve a boy but I'm worried that a) it's restricting the amount of BD we're doing so could end up not getting pregnant for a long time and b) if we are lucky and get pregnant I don't want him to be disappointed if it's a girl.

Not sure what advice you ladies can give me just feeling so meh about it! xx

toohardtothinkofaname Sat 10-Jan-15 17:06:46

no matter what the outcome, I'm sure once you're pregnant/it arrives he will love it regardless smile fwiw, the Shettles method has since been dis-proven so you could use this as a way to encouraging more BD?

There's quite a lot of threads on the pregnancy boards about gender preference - might be good to read them?

I must say, it's the first time I've heard of a man knowing about and wanting to follow the Shettles method!

mummyofonesofar Sun 11-Jan-15 10:02:55

I have a 6yo DS that called my DP daddy since he was 4. Just starting to ttc. So though it's DPs first from the start he is happy that 'we' have a boy and is hoping for a girl this time but I want another laid back boy like my DS. But we aren't trying any methods just wait and see. And I want to know at 20w scan so it isn't a shock to either of us what we are expecting!

newbian Sun 11-Jan-15 12:52:39

I have an OB in the family and she told me some men naturally have more female or male sperm, or that one set are stronger swimmers. If your DH shoots mostly X sperm that what you'll be working with!

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