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Chicken pox, conception & immunity

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pulpi Fri 09-Jan-15 20:19:32

So here I am in Spain with the DH. Last week we spent a lot of time playing with our nephews, one of which had chickenpox & was definitely still contagious. Having had a bad case as a 7 year old, I figure I should be immune & didn't think anything of it.

That was last week. Now, we're having a minibreak from staying with family & have come down to Granada for a few days of ttc #1. Last night DH had a fever and today the blisters arrived.

Of course I'm worried about the DH, but I'm also worried about possible side effects on a potential baby (we've snuck in a few cheeky shags over the course of our Christmas holidays, so there's a chance I came down to Granada already up the duff).

Strangest thing is that my mother in law insists the DH had chickenpox as a kid.

Anyone have experience with a partner with chickenpox, or being around kids with chickenpox, while possibly pregnant?

MinceSpy Sat 10-Jan-15 20:22:43

Even if you get Chicken Pox now you should be fine, later in pregnancy (if you are pregnant) baby could be born with spots. Chances are once you've had chicken pox you will never get again. Says me who's DC have both had it twice!

pulpi Mon 12-Jan-15 12:36:25

Thanks MinceSpy, I thought as much. The DH is a few days into it now and I've still not gotten ill, nor from our wee nephew. The DH is, however, 7 different kinds of miserable.

The going theory now is that DH had a very mild case as a child and so didn't really have an immunity. Perhaps that's what happened with your DC as well?

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