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Pregnancy, Endometriosis & Adenomyosis

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Sarnie001 Fri 09-Jan-15 20:18:16


I'm wondering if anyone has experience of this? I was diagnosed with Endometriosis and Adenomyosis last year (after a couple of years of pain). I had a laparoscopy in April last year for the Endo where they also found three tiny fybroids and adhesions.

I've since tried a few things to stop the pain, the latest was a 3 month course of Zoladex! this stopped the pain completely which drew my doctor (as I suspected) to the conclusion a hysterectomy is in order. Of course it's my decision when I have this and have been told that another way to stop the pain is to get pregnant. My husband and I have always wanted three children and although I wasn't thinking about it for right now......I think it's now or never!!

I was just wondering if anyone has had a course of zoladex and conceived after or of course if anyone has had adenomyosis and been pregnant.

I have had 2 very quick falling pregnancies previously with no problems and very quick labours with very healthy children! I've read lots of threads about endometriosis and pregnancy but none about Adenomyosis!!

Thanks in advance xx

MrsG23 Fri 09-Jan-15 21:41:24

Evening sarnie smile
I'm sorry I cannot be of too much help, but wanted to say hello as I am very much in your situation at the moment too... Was diagnosed with endometriosis and adenomyosis September 2013 after years of life altering pain (sounds so dramatic, but it has affected every aspect of my life). The only difference is, I'm only 24, newly married with no children and they are suggesting a hysterectomy, early
Menopause or having children for me - none of which I am remotely ready for!
I was always led to believe that if the endo hasn't scarred your ovaries or Fallopian tubes, conceiving isn't too difficult? smile

Sarnie001 Fri 09-Jan-15 21:54:32

Hi MrsG23

I wasn't expecting any reply so soon as I be posted a few things on adenomysos before and got nothing!!

I've just been reading a very long forum that spanned about 3 years worth of talk and it seems that it's not impossible to conceive and carry to full term....but it also seemed that miscarriage is quite high. However it also depended on the severity!

Everyone seemed to know what "stage" of endometriosis or adenomyosis they had......Iniquity had the laparoscopy for endometriosis which got rid of it and then have been trying different things (cerazette and zoladex) to ease the pain

Because I have two children already the doc originally asked me (before I was diagnosed) if I wanted anymore and I had said no.......but it's before all of this has happened.

I know that at some point i will have to have the hysterectomy but I can't help but feel I'm just not done yet!

Are you trying at the moment? And what "treatmemts" have the docs suggested you try first?

honeysucklejasmine Fri 09-Jan-15 21:59:25

I have endo and was given the "get on with it" nudge. As the scarring has missed my tubes, i should be ok. Apparently.

I am ttc (1 mc so far) but haven't been given anything specialist. I feel a bit neglected now!

MrsG23 Fri 09-Jan-15 22:34:59

I was diagnosed stage 2 out if 4 when I had my lap - so no where near as bad as others. Unfortunately, when my pain flares, a lot of my trouble is the painkillers - they make me feel so terribly unwell.. It's like catch 22!
I had my lap then have tried various contraceptives... Then in August 2014, they advised me to come off everything as they weren't sure if it was aggravating symptoms - I was bleeding heavily for months on end, suffered terrible fatigue and headaches as I was so anaemic (took an argument with a doctor about it to get bloods taken before they realised!). Although the bleeding has now stopped and my periods are down to 2 days and very light - a godsend after 7 day, heavy, painful periods - the pain I experience at ovulation and the day before I come on can cause me to pass out, vomit and all sorts... So once again, catch 22.
They have now said, I can go on Prostap which they give women during IVF - it's like a temp menopause to allow body to rest, but then I'd have to have HRT, which I do not want... Have a hysterectomy or get cracking with children..

honey - my consultant said that if your tubes and ovaries are unaffected, conceiving shouldn't be too complicated? That's what I'm hoping for at the moment...

The issue is, in the last 6 months - since we got married - the pain and all over the place cycles have been terrible making me want children sooner. So not TTC but trying to get the OH to sit down and discuss it logically.. Bloody nightmare!

Would TTC for you at this point just not be an option... Or are you now considering because of your experience recently?? X

Kirsty0612 Fri 09-Jan-15 22:44:17

I have stage 4 endo. Yip while I was pregnant I was pain free, but now I have little one the pain was back within 3 months as excruciating as ever. Getting pregnant doesn't cure endo just gives u bit of a break from pain. So just get pregnant if u really want a baby.

pearlcrystal Fri 16-Jan-15 15:28:02

Hi! I sympathise with you for having these conditions.

My story is a little different as I have recently been diagnosed with adenomyosis and fibroids (but no endo). I was prescribed Mefanamic acid and pain killers which made me sick and had really bad pain.
I was also told that I should try to conceive as soon as possibel as my condition would not get any better. At that point my husband and I have been TTC for 5 years (up to that point we had 'unexplained infertility) so we decided to get onto the list for IVF.

In the meantime though I needed to do something to manage the pain and I wasn't at all happy with the medication I was given. I created my own regime of healthy eating (including eliminating alcohol the week of my period), exercise, meditation and took the following:
- very high dose of Vitamin E
- extract of Vitex Agnus castus ( )
- extract of ladies mantle
- various herb teas (I can give you details if you are interested)

I should add that I am a scientist by background and never really put much belief into herbal medicine but desperate times called for desperate measures and my pain was so bad that I was willing to try anything.

My periods got better within a few months and the pain could be managed simply by Ibuprofen/ paracetamol and buscopan. My cycles have always been reasonably regular but varied from 27 -34 days and immediately after starting this regime they changed to 28 days on the dot. Most amazingly after a few months on this regime I had my first positive pregnancy test and am now 8 weeks pregnant for the first time in my life after 5 and a half years!!

I realise that this is by no means scientific proof and could be pure chance but I thought I would share just in case it helps you at all.

Good luck to you!

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