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Waiting at the doctors surgery, please keep me company!

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banterbus Fri 09-Jan-15 16:34:07

Finally at the doctors waiting to find out the results of my blood test as we have been TTC for 2 years with no success. Feeling rather nervous, please keep me company/tell me it will be ok!

ChickDaney Fri 09-Jan-15 16:36:51

Have you played the game where you guess what's wrong with everyone else in the waiting room? Her over there probably has tennis elbow from too much shagging. ..

banterbus Fri 09-Jan-15 16:40:10

No, never thought of that one-great idea! Should keep me entertained until I'm finally called grin

banterbus Fri 09-Jan-15 16:51:17

Someone just cheered when their name was called. Looks like I'm in for a long wait...

ChickDaney Fri 09-Jan-15 17:06:48

Other distractions : build and decorate the house you'll have when you win £100 million on the lottery. Or: 2 what would you do if a fictional world turned out to be real, like magic in harry potter or vampires in twilight or aliens like men in black?

banterbus Fri 09-Jan-15 17:55:57

Thanks for keeping my company, I got called in the end! And reassuringly test results all clear which is a relief.

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