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Hit a brick wall. Can anybody give me a bit of hope?

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Mountainygirl Wed 07-Jan-15 20:15:55

I had an unplanned pregnancy 7 years ago, resulting in my DD. DH and I have been TTC no.2 for 11 months. Had a chemical on cycle 3, not a sausage since (got faint BFPs and started bleeding 3 days later)

GP thinks there may be a problem, as I've been on hormonal birth control since I was a teen, and ever since starting to TTC, my periods have been heavy and agonising. However, obviously we're still in the normal time scale, I have had a child before etc etc.

I am feeling so hopeless, like it will never happen. I am sick of the constant wait every month, the disappointment. I'm at the stage where it would almost be a relief if someone told me I could definitively never have another child, because we could move on with our life as a family of 3.

I'm young, I've done this before, why can't I just get pregnant?

Half the problem is, everyone seems to either get pregnant within the first few months, or else they end up needing help. I never seem to hear of anyone who gets a normal,natural BFP after 10 months plus, unless it's a miracle pre-IVF BFP after years of trying.

lovesmycake Thu 08-Jan-15 07:06:20

Hi I got a normal, natural BFP after 10 months plus, twice - My DS took a year and I just got a BFP in Dec after 15 months of trying just wanted you to know it can happen.

I know my story doesn't help you though I was on a thread which is still running 'struggling to conceive No.2 after getting pregnant easily first time round' a wonderful bunch of ladies who have kept my sanity the last year and a nice regular smattering of BFP's to keep your hopes up!

Good luck to you smile

GotToBeInItToWinIt Thu 08-Jan-15 07:40:07

I had a normal, natural BFP at 13 months with DD. Was just about to see the Dr for fertility tests. I am now accidentally pregnant with DC2 so I don't think there were any fertility issues, it just took a long time! I think for a normal, fertile couple there's a 20% chance of conceiving each cycle so it is natural that it might take some people longer than others. I know how frustrating it is though. Fingers crossed for you thanks

WestCountryLondonGirl Thu 08-Jan-15 08:10:23

I got my BFP at 16 months. We'd started fertility investigations (including 2 s.a. tests with really cruddy results) and I really though we'd be going down the IVF route...either proof that it really does only take one sperm, or the first sample was analysed too late (a couple of hours after taking it to the hospital) and the news scared DH so much that the second one was genuinely bad? Who knows. But either way, a natural BFP! I'm 9 weeks today and can't wait for my scan....

butterflycats Fri 09-Jan-15 05:50:54

I wasn't having periods, or when I got them there was hardly anything there having been on the pill for 12 years. Before that my periods were particularly heavy and long.
I was told 6 weeks ago by my GP I wasn't ovulating following some blood tests, was referred for an ultrasound and waiting for fertility referral, and to consider buying a puppy as it wasn't going to happen anytime soon! I'm 5+6 weeks today smile
It's not that my GP was wrong, as my blood tests were awful, it's just sometimes these little miracles do happen xxx

WildflowerMeadow Fri 09-Jan-15 06:51:40

Didn't want to read and run so just wanted to say I have two children already who were conceived very quickly but it has just taken us 13 cycles to conceive DC3. I understand the feeling of almost rather knowing you couldn't so you could just move on as I went there several times in the last few months and we had just started to have the discussion about possibly stopping trying in a few months as I found the let down harder and harder to cope with each month. One thing that helped me immensely was to stop testing early each month - I found seeing the BFNs much harder to cope with than just getting my period. Also, I do quite a busy, stressful job and find it interesting that in the cycle I got my BFP I was fertile over the Christmas period so was off work and far more relaxed than usual - I know this is the cliché that everyone hates but for me it did seem to be true... Wishing you lots of luck x

Mountainygirl Fri 09-Jan-15 09:49:12

Thank you. It's good to know that it does happen! I go through stages of feeling positive, and other times I just don't.

I'm not going to test at all this month. There is a course I really want to enrol on, to start an eventual career change, and I'll have to make a decision by April if I definitely want to do it this year or not. So after a chat with DH, I think we'll give it until then to continue 'properly' TTC then re-evaluate

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