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TTC No2 Aged 34

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BubGal13 Wed 07-Jan-15 09:00:19

Hi all
I have 1 DS 1 year old and will this year think about TTC baby 2. He took 4 months to conceive, 2 months not really trying and then 2 months doing everything poss.

I turn 34 in April this year. I have a holiday in September to Spain booked and looking forward to giving DS my full attention and selfishly, also nights spent drinking very large G&Ts ...!

I was going to start TTC in June, but now wandering if I should put off a few months to be able to fully enjoy what could be my last hol without being preg (fingers crossed) for a long while and be able to fully concentrate on DS as well as drink alcohol also- which i do love doing on hol.

Is this just really stupid/selfish reasoning, and given i turn 34 i should just start TTC as soon as poss? Hol would mean i was then 34 1/2?

grateful for any thoughts or insight from own experiences/considerations when you started TTC.

TarquinMoriartyGruntfuttockII Wed 07-Jan-15 17:03:16

Um! 34 is not ancient. I had my first at 37 so I don't think you need to worry quite yet.

BubGal13 Thu 08-Jan-15 09:31:09

thanks Tarquin!! JUst so much scaremongering going on re. women s ages especially in the press... thanks!

TarquinMoriartyGruntfuttockII Thu 08-Jan-15 19:09:51

No problem. Second at 41 and third at 43. Obviously as you start hitting your 40's fertility does start to drop but there is quite a big group of us 40+ ladies on here.

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