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Confused! Pos/neg/period??

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SuperMum84 Tue 06-Jan-15 17:43:27

Hi all,

I had a m/c in October, since then I've had two 28 day cycles, never had a 28 day cycle ever (2 children) usually 23/24/25.
Last period was 9th dec, had sex on the 18th December, not actually planning a baby but not avoiding either, pretty sure i ov 19th/20th dec. I took a preg test 31st dec which was a very faint pos, told myself it was too early to be true so ignored it! Took another 2nd jam which was negative, another 3/4th jab again negative. I was due on today and usually come on in the morning, nothing? I don't want to test anymore cos I'm confused as it is, any insight anyone?

Many thanks!!

sykadelic Wed 07-Jan-15 03:08:29

If you wait too long to take a test then you can end up getting a negative.

It's also possible that you had a chemical pregnancy and it didn't stick.

To be safe, seeing you had that first positive, I would go and get a blood test.

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