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TTC 9 months and cnt stop thinking about it

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Sonmur123 Tue 06-Jan-15 12:13:10

I've been tryin 9 months with my current partner. I have been pg 3 times in the past and had 3 miscarriages more or less a week after a clearblue being positive all times. I Jus can't seem to conceive with my current oartner..he already has a child from previous relationship so ita defo not him! Iv tracked my periods for 9 months and there always 5 days long and roughly between 24 and 35 day cycles, except this month I spotted in 1 day which I though might be af but then nothing else and then 2 days later thought I had my af but it was very light and I didn't have my usual pains where I always have to have strong painkillers and my hot water bottle and it lasted 2 days. I've read on Google and now I'm obsessed thinking it's an implantation bleed..anyone else had similar story and then been's really getting me down and I feel upset when I see babies and everyone around ME is pregnant and there all excited about it..why scan that not be me!

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