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conflicting ovulation thoughts - your thoughts?

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toohardtothinkofaname Tue 06-Jan-15 07:05:03

First positive OPK on December 29th, CD33 - had slight temp rise & fall back but then had a mild cold so just discarded temps for 3 days.

started having a lot of EWCM & hot flashes at night from January 2nd (CD37).

January 4th (CD39) even more EWCM so did OPK which was just as positive as first time, yesterday's OPK was super dark & appeared after just a few seconds. OV pain last night about 7pm.

My acupuncturist told me not to discard temps unless very poorly or taken very late so I amended FF. Today's temp was higher again. Therefore I would pin my OV as yesterday making today 1dpo but FF has put my crosshairs (albeit dotted) on January 1st making me 8dpo.

I know it's just going to be a case of wait and see, but can anyone make any sense of my chart? - trying not to get my hopes up with yesterday's strong OPK, pain and temp dip being implantation but ya know, I'm a typical TTCer so of course I'm going to!

toohardtothinkofaname Tue 06-Jan-15 07:09:45

nb. in my notes I said I had pulling twinges on December 30th and warm cramps on January 2nd which lasted all day.

The low temp I've discarded was when my OH decided to sleep without the heating on and the window open! never been so cold (probably the reason for my cold)...

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