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Excited but nervous about trying for DC2!

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Allstoppedup Mon 05-Jan-15 16:36:42

DC one was a -- lot-- bit of a shock. I was diagnosed with PCOS about 7 years ago after an ovarian cyst ruptured.

I was told I was unlikely to have children naturally and hadn't had regular periods for over 4 years (about 1 a year) when I fell pregnant with DS. Apart from this I generally am symptom free, a healthy size and have no other issues usually related with the condition.

DS is now one and is amazing, he is still BF on demand and we do co-sleep. During my pregnancy I had several scans and the Dr advised that there was a significant improvement in the appearence of my ovaries from the beginning later scans. Since having DS I have had 4 periods although they are still fairly irregular!

Last week I had lots of nausea and smell aversion as well as lots of cramping but no period. I have poas but it was negative. I told my DP who said he was disappointed, we weren't actively trying so I was pleased he felt this way and we have now decided to actually give it a go!

I'm now really excited and just bought a bulk pack of tests but am now really scared I won't be able to. I'm still BF my DS who also cosleeps with us (so does feed regularly at night still grin) and don't want to wean him just yet.

I just really wanted to get all my feelings out about this as I don't want to talk to anyone in RL in case it takes a very long time.

Anyone else in similar circumstances?

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