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TTC#2 and worrying about PIH (gestational hypertension)

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ShootTheMoon Sun 04-Jan-15 20:02:28

With DC1 (now 3), I had high blood pressure at my booking in appointment at week 8, which continued through the pregnancy. I had continually high blood pressure (mild to moderate) and on several occasions only just avoided being sent to hospital.

During labour my BP spiked to severe levels and I had to be rushed from MW to consultant care in the transition stage. I was kept in post-natally for a week and was on meds until my BP came down after a few months. No pre-existing or subsequent problems with my blood pressure.

I'm now TTC#2. I know I am at increased risk of PIH and pre-eclampsia. Has anyone been through this? Does anyone know if I need to push for earlier/additional monitoring? Any medication I should ask for?

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